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Forex Basics with ForexGen

To start getting income from foreign exchange market (Forex), you don’t need to have any financial experience. You just need to find your way in the multitude of possibilities offered for those looking for profit from national currencies rate variations. And ForexGen provides all beginners with an Academy of professional experts in forex. The point of classic Forex trade, meant to get a quick income, is simple (which hardly differs from other markets): you have to sell on higher price what you’ve bought on lower price.

But to get a grip on currency rates, you need more than simple mathematics. First thing, you have to learn all definitions: Besides the correct meaning of terms “currency” and “rate”, you need to know what “quotation” means, along with “currency pair” (which consists of base and counter currencies). You need to know what are “point”, “spread”, “trend”, “position” etc. Every action on Forex market is preceded by an analysis. Depending on its functions, the analysis can be fundamental (when the economic dynamics of a country are being studied thoroughly, along with prognoses on its changes), or technical (when we apply a mathematic approach to the graphs of currency rate fluctuations).

The trade on Forex market goes on twenty-four hours a day. Saturday and Sunday are traditionally considered days of rest. The same as for all the other markets, work on Forex market uses a certain set of strategies, methods and techniques. There are rules you have to try and follow, and there are things you shouldn’t do. Every market session (Asian, European and American) has its own law and established traditions, which you also have to learn about.

And finally, for the trade on Forex market you need to use certain tools (software, papers etc.) without handling which the theoretical knowledge will be useless.

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