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IB Program with ForexGen

ForexGen IB programme is a great opportunity for both individuals and companies to receive commission for introducing their customers or contacts to ForexGen. In fact, any individual or organisation that has proper contacts can become a successful Introducing Broker. To give you an idea, we have provided below some examples of businesses and individuals that can establish a successful brokerage business:

  • Banks
  • Companies providing financial services and training
  • Insurance companies
  • Successful traders on FOREX, stock, futures markets
  • Trading rooms
  • Investment or trading clubs
  • Stock brokerage or trading companies
  • Money managers
  • Real estate firms
  • Companies with large clientele
  • Attorneys, accountants and other business professionals

Some IBs prefer to concentrate mainly on the sales and marketing aspects of financial business and leave actual market trading to customer's or a third party's discretion. Others offer added value services like market advisory/analysis services and assist their customers with their trading decisions.

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